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We import all kinds of freshwater fish, halal meat,vagetables, spices ,oils, rice, sweets and various foods from different countries; world wide supplier of genuine spare parts of ship, importer and supper of fashion wear in Japnese market. directly!
We can deliver our products to all of Japan


Our supplied foods are 100% Halal and Quality Guaranteed.

Are you conscious about high quality food? We are with you!
We confidently asure you of the high quality of our food and service. Where ever you are in Japan, we will transport your order by home delivery service.

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Tel: 048-950-5050

We would like to collect many more high quality Halal food from around the World and spread to Japan.

We started the business in Japan since 1989. We desire to bring the Muslim halal food for the Muslim community those are living in Japan. First of all we import fish & spices from Bangladesh and start sale to the Muslim community. Nowadays I expand the business and import Halal food from around the world. We have derived from the concept called “Halal" particularly about “meat". That is why we’re dealing only with them who properly handling the Materials. We have been imported directly “halal chicken" from Brazil, United States & the “Halal Sheep meat " from Australia.Spices, pickles are imported from “Square consumer product ltd “, which is No.1 market share in Bangladesh. We import variety of beans from around the world . Various Halal frozen food from “KAWAN FOOD SDN." famous Malaysian company. We also handling international calling card which required to contact with overseas by phone call.